What can YOU do with $5?


October 1st I got a real letter. Not junk mail or political advertising, but a real piece of mail from a real person named Laurie. And even though I don’t know Laurie, this made my day.

Let me explain. Laurie Shiers sent me a letter with a $5 bill to celebrate her 45th birthday. In the letter she explained that she is “giving $5 to 45 different Lauries who are also near their 45th birthdays.” She has asked each of us to help make a change in our communities.

So here’s what I did with my $5. On Saturday I headed to an open space trail to run and also volunteer patrol. As a patroller I count and greet visitors, ask folks to please leash their dogs and pick up trash (usually dog poop bags).

As I was running and counting I saw 11 dogs and finished my run with 5 poop bags. In my head I was thinking, if each of those dog owners left his/her poop bag on the trail, it sure would leave an ugly mess. So I decided when I returned to my car, I’d give my $5 to the next visitor I saw depositing his/her dog poop in the trash.

It didn’t take long. As soon as I got to my car, a woman with a HUGE great dane dropped her bag into the trash. I ran over and thanked her and handed her the $5. At first she was reluctant to accept the money but when I explained Laurie’s project she changed her mind and she let me take a picture of her beautiful dog, Targa.

It was a great feeling and I am grateful Laurie chose me as part of her birthday celebration! And to continue the celebration through October I’m going to get a bunch of $1 bills and each time I patrol this month will give dollars to responsible dog owners and a token of my gratitude for them keeping our trails beautiful. I hope they goodwill gesture will make even a small difference.

If you want to read more stories of the other Laurie’s from this project, check out brainchildcoaching.com (Laurie Shier’s blog). Maybe you’ll be inspired to take on a similar project. Targa the Great Dane


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